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COBRA A Proper name in regards to eligible seniors

When we look at some of the government regulations, there always seems to be sections that are Gotch Ya sections that make no sense and are contradictory. Here the law is contradictory to most other aspects of COBRA. By selecting COBRA over Medicare, these people are saving the government money. Why does the current CMS regs penalize these fellow citizens and COBRA enrollees?

Keep COBRA From Biting Medicare-Eligible Consumers: House Reps | ThinkAdvisor

I wish Politicians knew the subject on which they are talking before they opened their mouth. Hahneman Hospital closing had more to do with government underpaying for services than greedy insurance companies.The ACA added a substantial population to medicaid. In poor areas especially in poor urban areas, hospitals such as Hahneman and Temple University hospital are having a real difficult time trying to reach a break even point. Hahneman Hospital probably wishes they had more private patients with private employer sponsored health insurance. It would be a lifeline. Bernie's Medicare for all will close many hospitals. #aca#hospital

Bernie Sanders blasts closing of Hahnemann - Philadelphia Business Journal

How Amazon pharmacy could save the health care industry $100 billion yearly | BenefitsPRO

I have been evaluating health plans for several smaller clients in the last week. Many of the plans offered by the carriers are limiting access to prescription drugs. It seems very short sighted. I have communicated with these carriers about the shortcomings in their plan. Will the current cast of insurance carriers dissappear like the dinosaurs?

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