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Should I or Shouldn't I get the vaccine?

Should I or Shouldn't I get the vaccine?

This question is facing a lot of us. The Covid 19 Vaccine access is increasing. I have heard people express their opinions for and against the vaccine. Both offer very valid positions. The majority of the "vaccine nos" are younger than me. They considered their age and see very limited impact in mortality and morbidity. A neighbor told me about a conversation he recently had. He had the Covid 10 virus through most of his family with very little impact and no hospital admissions. He was engaged in a conversation with two neighbors. One has just received his Vaccine. The other expressed her affirmative position for the vaccine. When they asked him. He paused and the said he was not sure he would get the vaccine. He already had the Covid 19 virus. He assumed that he now has the antibodies. He was not prepared for the verbal assault. He was told he was irresponsible; His rights should be limited and much more. Personally, I have two family members with a chronic pulmonary disease. In December 2019, they started on a new medication that has vastly improved their lung function and life expectancy. I have great confidence in our medical researchers. I received my first Pfizer shot yesterday. Good Luck with your decision


Recess...I miss recess and need to commit a daily time to recess. My office is in a quaint little suburban town outside of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side. My office location in a short walk from my home...oops no more snow days. This does make up for the times I lived in Fairfield County, CT and commuted to North Jersey or lived in CT and commuted to Manhattan. My office is across the street from the commuter train tracks and the middle and elementary school my four children attended. Prior to Covid 19, I could hear the kids head out to recess at 10:00. How great was recess in grade school? I loved that break. I can recall flipping baseball cards in the school yard, just running around, throwing a ball. I think it was 15 minutes of pure pleasure. Now I find myself sitting way at my desk, way too long working on spreadsheets, reviewing contracts, punching out reports on the computer. sending and returning emails. I pour myself a water and several hours later realized I had not touched it. I need to take "recess" Stretch out, loosen the hamstrings, roll my head, shrug my shoulders RECESS

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